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One dozen eggs from heritage breed hens. Rotated on pasture, and fed certified organic grains. Simply the best! Pasture-raised eggs, as compared to conventional eggs, have 2.7x Omega 3 fats, 75% lower Omega 6 fats, 1.5x higher polyunsaturated fats, 4x vitamin D3 (!!), and 1.7x more vitamin E. Not to mention the superior texture and bright orange yolks. Taste and feel the difference for yourself.

One Dozen Eggs.


We offer only the finest cuts. All of our meats are produced locally and frozen for freshness! We're also working on a delivery box service that will be available soon so you can get your fix at home or work without leaving anything behind.

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Pastured pork and eggs available for local pick up in Victor, Driggs & Jackson Hole.

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