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Have you ever felt like you're mired in your to-do list and off your true path? Or, perhaps, you know what needs to be done for your highest and best good but can't find the motivation to do it? The Harvester is about helping you take aligned action with what needs to be done to feed your legacy. This isn't about temporary motivation or a burst of energy for daily tasks - instead, this gives you the staying power and perseverance to overcome resistance against your soul's calling. Whether you need to heal a rift in your family or start a new project in your career, The Harvester is an action-oriented supporter to help you find the inner fire to go out and do what needs to be done. It will help you feel empowered, confident, and fulfilled in your journey, qualities of the healthy divine masculine in all of us. This essence is less about accomplishing individual tasks and more about making progress with the most lasting impact. Each flower essence made by Late Bloomer Ranch is unique and crafted with flowers we grow here at the ranch. Our flowers are grown with regenerative, no-till practices and are never exposed to pesticides, fertilizers, or chemicals of any kind. Working with the flowers every day, we develop a special relationship with them that guides us to create each blend when divine timing allows.

The first approximately 3 days tend to be an intense experience of the essence's energetic qualities. The next two weeks will commonly present to you what's preventing you with connecting with these qualities. It's important to continue taking the essence to see what these obstacles may be trying to teach you and integrate it into your auric field. For some people, it may take two rounds to fully integrate the new energy or they find themselves coming back to the same essences during particular seasons in their life.

Directions: 3-5 drops under the tongue 5 times daily, or a full dropper in your chosen beverage to sip throughout the day.

Spring water, apis mellifera (honey), organic flax glycerin, grain alcohol, essence of helianthus annuus (Sunflower), essence of antirrhinum majus (Snapdragon), essence of Panicum miliaceum (Proso Millet), essence of bracteantha bracteata (Strawflower)

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